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In 1996, two brothers embarked on a journey despite their financial constraints. One, a recent graphic design graduate, and the other, aiming to become a professional soccer player, shared a common aspiration for success. With little money and living under their parents' roof, they made a pivotal decision to establish their own T-shirt business. While one brother possessed the know-how, the other brought determination. They sold some of their possessions to acquire a stamping machine, marking the humble beginnings of their enduring entrepreneurial voyage filled with numerous challenges and triumphs.

Their brand, named Kell, initially seemed unlikely to persist for two decades in the business world. However, the name held significance in Hungary, translating to "Must." Its simplicity and memorability made it an ideal choice. Beyond mere commerce, the driving force behind their venture was a noble cause—to support Venezuelan children affected by malnutrition. The core purpose of Kell was to aid organizations dedicated to addressing this critical issue, adding a meaningful dimension to their entrepreneurial endeavor.